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50 shades of dark circles under my eyes

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these cuties 

Anonymous asked: hey dude i'm sorry i'm stupid can you tell me... is happy little pill supposed to be about connor? or was that a thing i might have imagined that i saw someone say? or do we know who it is about at all? thanks friend :)

Hey mate, we don’t know who Happy Little Pill is about, Troye never said it. He only mentioned that it was about a person who was very close to him and had been depressed. Since Connor said he has been unhappy, some people said it could be Connor, but just because he said that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s him. It could be about anyone :)


Finding a typo in a book


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lavieradieuse asked: well, I read your post and I was like, I can do that! so hi! you're hella sweet and talented and I ADORE YOUR BLOG. Your posts always make me smile. Keep doing what you do, we appreciate you so so much <3 (and thank you for being one of the only blogs that I follow who live blogged the world cup, that made my life so much better :))

You’re one of those people that I genuinely appreciate and love. Thank you tons, you’re such a sweetheart. Please stay amazing, you’re a wonderful person. Have a good day, Clarice <3

Anonymous asked: I love you.

I love you, too.

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i honestly love getting messages from you guys so much it makes my day even if you’re just saying hi or something it’s nice to know you’re acknowledging my existence 

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Can we just take a second to flip the fr*ck out over the fact that OneRepublic tweeted this photo to their 1.11M twitter followers??? I just love how troyesivan is SLAYING the US charts omg

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New York City’s Central Park from Above

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